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While Mid Sussex is already one of the most attractive and economically successful districts in the UK, we’re also determined to make it one of the most digitally advanced.

Digital Mid Sussex is a pioneering initiative to roll out world-class digital infrastructure across the region. With Mid Sussex District Council and its partners working as part of a group called Cooperative Network Infrastructure (CNI), it’s an outstanding example of public and private sector organisations working together to bring new opportunities to everyone in our community.

Our programme is bringing far greater choice of affordable, high-performance digital services.

It’s designed to:

We’ve installed a fibre optic ‘spine’ across the area and are aiming for ‘full-fibre’ digital services to be available to many residential parts of our district over the coming months. If you’re a business or a public body, you may well be able to get them now.

Find out more about the programme through this website. And, if you’re interested in connecting to the new network, please register here to help us prioritise which residential areas to connect and keep you updated.


Full-fibre Internet services are now available to many Mid Sussex businesses and public bodies, as a fibre optic network ‘spine’ has been installed across the district.
We have completed the installation of a fibre network as part of our Digital Mid Sussex programme to make our district one of the most digitally advanced in the UK.
Mid Sussex District Council (MSDC) has embarked on the build stage of its own fibre network in Burgess Hill to deliver full-fibre connectivity to the community.