Fibre cable

Full-fibre services available for business

Full-fibre Internet services are now available to many Mid Sussex businesses and public bodies, as a fibre optic network ‘spine’ has been installed across the district.

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We started installing a fibre network in October 2020 and completed the main spine network earlier this month, as part of our Digital Mid Sussex initiative to make our district one of the most digitally advanced in the country.

This means full-fibre services are now available to many private and public sector organisations across the district.

The fibre network allows for dramatically faster Internet speeds: you can get services today which operate faster than one gigabit per second (1 Gbps) – and they will run at vastly higher speeds in future.

This could help your organisation become significantly more efficient, competitive and resilient. It may enable you to digitalise your operations, operate in new ways and open new lines of business.

Having full fibre will also help Mid Sussex to attract companies which need the best possible digital infrastructure, further strengthening the local economy.

If you’d like to know more about the options to connect your business or public body to the new fibre network, please let us know.

For Mid Sussex residents, Internet service providers are prioritising areas of the district based on indications of demand. We expect to see full-fibre residential connections start to be established from later this year.