Benefits for residents

Mid Sussex is already one of the most prosperous and attractive parts of the country. Digital Mid Sussex is an innovative programme that will also make it one of the most digitally advanced.

We’ve installed underground fibre optic cables to make ‘full-fibre’ digital services available to communities right across the district.

This will provide:

  • dramatically faster Internet speeds: the infrastructure we’ve installed can support services operating at one gigabit per second (1 Gbps) or faster now – and will be capable of handling vastly higher speeds in future. To put this in perspective, a 1 Gbps connection means you can download a full high-definition film in seconds
  • greater reliability
  • good value for money, and 
  • a wide choice of service providers

When it’s available in your area, connecting your home to the full-fibre network will give you the best experience of online activities such as film and music streaming, gaming, online shopping and home learning.

It will also make working from home more effective, for example by facilitating high-performance video conferencing and data transfer - without the glitches we all so often suffer right now.


Full-fibre services will be available to Mid Sussex households over the coming months.

To help Internet service providers prioritise which residential areas to connect to our fibre cables first, please express your interest in taking up the new services – and encourage your neighbours to do the same. You can also ask us to keep you updated on the roll-out of the network and let you know when it becomes available in your area.

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