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Benefits for businesses

If you run a business in or near Mid Sussex, our programme will bring you huge commercial benefits.

Mid Sussex already provides a highly attractive business environment with excellent transport links, a skilled workforce and a great quality of life.

Digital Mid Sussex is a pioneering programme that will also make the district one of the country’s most digitally advanced - bringing full-fibre digital services to local companies to stimulate a culture of high performance and innovation.

Our full-fibre network will:

  • allow for dramatically faster Internet speeds: the infrastructure we’ve installed enables you to get services that operate faster than one gigabit per second (1 Gbps) – and will be capable of handling vastly higher speeds in future
  • help your company become significantly more efficient, competitive and resilient. It will enable you to digitalise your operations and operate in new ways, and could open up new lines of business
  • equip local residents, schools and colleges with the best Internet services, meaning you can tap into a digitally skilled workforce
  • help Mid Sussex to attract companies which need the best possible digital infrastructure – firms in data-critical fields such as scientific research, IT, the media and ecommerce. It’s a core part of our Opportunity Mid Sussex initiative to draw companies to the area, which will further strengthen the business community and local economy for everyone’s benefit
  • in the near future, pave the way for additional innovations including 5G, which will bring a whole range of further business opportunities in fields such as smart cities and the Internet of Things


You may well be able to connect to our network now and get full-fibre services, such as high-speed Internet and leased line Ethernet. Click below to find out more.

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